Did you know that Maya Water helps schools and families in Africa by donating a percentage of all sales?!
The organization is called QuaWater and the mission is to deliver healthy drinking water at fair prices, to ensure people the quality of the most vital necessity of life.

It is the first time that a facial mist is made from spring water mixed with antioxidants.
Whether you eat antioxidants or put them on your skin are they vital to your health. They reduce environmental damage from the sun, pollution, and the very air we breathe. Antioxidants have remarkable benefits for all skin types

Makeup artist Maya Gulbrandsen has created the Maya Thermal Spa Water.
She had always used a facial mist but Maya couldn’t forget the idea about making a facial mist that included Norway’s pure and healthy mineral water.
After many attempts did she find the right spring with the true qualities and ingredients and the final choice was the Skogshorn source, in Hemsedal.

I have had an amazing week in Berlin – but a 3 hour delayed flight was not the best ending!
Maya Water Facial Mist made it much easier waiting! The dry air in the airport makes you quite dizzy but the cooling and refreshing facemist cleared up my mind and I survived the wait.

Maya Water Facial Mist is available in four amazing variants…
Organic Goji, Organic White Tea and Organic Acai, that all contains fabulous anti-oxidants for the skin, prevents and repairs sun damage, and also helps fight wrinkles and skin discoloration.
The fourth variant, pure, nourishes, cleanses and applies moisture on bare skin, or over your make up.
Try them and find out which one is your favorite!

That Maya Water Facial Mist is made from pure thermal spa water where only organic ingredients are added? Furthermore is the facial mist rich in minerals that energizes your skin and makes it relax!